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        Fingerprint Reader MODEL:FPC1001-P

        Fingerprint ReaderFPC1001-P

        Listing date:2015-10-01 Updated version:V3.07 Status:On Saling

        Datasheet Manual System Configurations PPT

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        ·TFT Color display, Elegant,
        ·Standard 26/34 Bits Wiegand output format, which can be compatible with any kind of Access Controller,
        ·Dustproof, waterproof features, suitable for any installation site,
        ·WDT watchdog, having a power-on self-test function,
        ·Fast fingerprint matching speed, 3,000 fingerprints within one second,
        ·500dpi optical fingerprint sensor, anti scratch,
        ·The world s leading fingerprint algorithm, refusing false fingerprints,
        ·Support Chinese and English operation menu,
        ·Background image and company Logo display can be replaceable,
        ·Display: card number, name, employee number, a variety of information,


        ·Security Reader of Access Control
        ·Networked security for IBS buildings, financial and research institutes
        ·Time & Attendance for offices and factories


        Description: Fingerprint reader, FP Standalone
        Interface: TCP/IP
        CPU: 400MHz DSP
        Memory: 4MB flash + 8MB RAM
        Fingerprint Sensor: 500 dpi optical sensor
        Fingerprint Identification Speed: 1 to 2,000 identification in 1sec
        Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000 templates
        RF Card: 13.56MHz
        External Reader: Wiegand Input Reader
        Display: TFT, 320×240
        Keypad: Function Keypads, 3×4
        Operation Modes: Card/FP, Card + FP, ID+FP
        Wiegand Output: Configurable, 26/34 bits
        Operating Voltage: 12VDC
        Dimension: 93mm×170mm×41mm
        Live Tech Support
        E-mail: info@keyking.net
        Office hours are from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Local Time Monday to Friday.
        Technical Support phone 9:00 am – 8:00 pm Local Time Monday to Friday.

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